Understanding Your Award

How to View Your Financial Aid Award

New Students: Initially, you will be notified at the email address you provided on your admissions application. You should go to Web Services to view your award. After you pay your deposit, you can activate your JSC email account. Once your account is activated, all communication from the Financial Aid Office will be sent to this address.

Returning Students: You will receive an email sent to your JSC account to go to Web Services on the MyJSC Portal to view your award; a link to the JSC website to view important information also is provided.


You Have Received Your Award . . . Now What?

Read the 2014-15 Understanding Your Award and Next Steps. To help navigate the financial aid process, we have provided important information about your award and what happens next. We include answers to frequently asked questions, explanations about how your aid was determined, how aid packages can change, how to apply for loans, payment plans, and much more.

Another important resource of information is found here: JSC Financial Aid Terms and Conditions. This will explain the different types of aid you may have been awarded as well as conditions that can affect your award package.

Do I Need to Accept/Decline My Award?

Yes. Follow the instructions provided in your email notification on how to accept or decline your aid. If you were awarded Federal Work-Study or a Perkins Loan and choose to decline either of these awards, it cannot be reinstated due to funding limits.

Check for Changes in Your Award and Requests for Information from Financial Aid

Even after you accept your award, it's possible for the amount to change. It is your responsibility to check for changes and to respond to any requests for information from the Financial Aid Office. Both new and returning students will be notified only by email if we require additional information.

How Do I Know What My Bill Will Be?

Use your Award Notification and our Educational Cost Guide and Financial Planning Worksheet to assist you. The worksheet provides you with the actual costs that you will incur for the 2014-15 academic year and how to use the aid awarded to you in determining any balance that may be due. (Please note this worksheet is for your personal use and does not need to be returned to the Financial Aid Office.) Parents of dependent students may choose to borrow a PLUS Loan and can print and complete the PLUS Loan Pre-Application.

Financial aid awards are made on a yearly basis. Because the Business Office bills each semester, half of each award will be credited to your account.

Are there any academic requirements for receiving financial aid?

Yes. Review the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards required by federal financial aid regulations that all students must meet to be eligible for any types of financial aid. The policy has a GPA requirement and requires you maintain a pace that will allow for completion of your degree within a certain time frame.

Returning Students: Please be aware you may receive requests for information and/or your award notification before your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) has been reviewed. If it is determined you are not meeting the SAP requirements, your aid will be canceled. We will inform you by the end of June if this is the case and how to appeal for reinstatement of aid. Submitting an appeal does not guarantee it will be granted.