Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling

Regardless of the type of loan you borrow, federal regulations require loan entrance and loan exit counseling so you know your rights and responsibilities as a borrower of Federal Student Loans. This includes Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, Perkins Loans* and Grad PLUS loans.

Loan entrance counseling must be completed before your loan funds can be credited towards your bill. You must fulfill this requirement on the web, by going to and signing in with your FAFSA PIN. Once you have finished your loan counseling, the Financial Aid Office will receive confirmation so your loan can be disbursed. You only need to complete this process once as a borrower at JSC.


Loan Exit Counseling is also required upon graduation, transferring, withdrawing or if you plan to be enrolled less than half time. Group sessions for loan exit counseling are offered on campus at the end of the academic year. This counseling will provide you with important information about the loans you have borrowed. If a student is unable to attend one of these sessions, you must complete the exit counseling on line at:


      The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) using your FAFSA PIN.


Your loan servicer will also contact you with additional information about your loan obligations and repayment amounts.


*Perkins Loan borrowers will complete loan entrance and exit counseling with our loan servicer, ECSI. They will contact you directly if you have borrowed a Perkins Loan.