Frequently Asked Questions

If I receive a scholarship after I have already received my financial aid award, will I lose any other aid?

If an outside scholarship results in your receiving more aid than your financial need (see Financial Eligibility for more information about financial need and how it is determined), you may lose other aid. This will depend upon the type of other aid you are receiving. Generally, the practice at JSC is to reduce loans whenever possible.

I have been awarded a loan, and I don't want to borrow the full amount. Can I ask for less?

Yes! When you accept your aid online, only request the amount you will need for the enrollment period. If you have already received the loan funds, contact the Financial Aid Office to find out what action is required and what adjustments are needed. 


What happens to my financial aid if I withdraw from school?

Depending on when you withdraw from school, you may be required to repay a portion or all of any aid you have received for the period of enrollment for which you were charged, since the funds you receive are designed to help you meet your living expenses for the entire period of enrollment. Always check with your Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from school.

Are there any academic requirements for receiving financial aid?

Yes. Johnson State College has a Satisfactory Academic Progress policy which is required by federal law. This policy sets forth a qualitative (minimum GPA), time progression standard (must earn 67% of all credits hours at JSC), and maximum time frame for degree completion.

How do I use my financial aid to pay my bill?

Financial awards are made on a yearly basis, unless otherwise indicated. Since the Business Office bills each semester, half of each award will be credited to the student's account. If necessary documentation is incomplete, such as verification (if selected) and loan counseling (if a new borrower) or any other documentation that is required, your registration will be delayed at the beginning of your semester.

Is financial aid renewable?

Students must apply each year to be considered for financial aid. Awards are reviewed each year and depend on the student's eligibility for aid, the date the application is received at JSC, availability of funds and satisfactory academic status.