Faculty Profile: Tyrone Shaw

Tyrone ShawTyrone Shaw has been a reporter, a news director for a radio station, a managing editor in northwestern Vermont, and a musician in a long-established rock-'n'-roll band. But today his main focus is teaching students the value of community journalism. "I enjoy the students. I enjoy the interaction, which is never static and is always different. And I enjoy passing on what I'm passionate about, which is community journalism," he says. "Our program is small, hands-on and very practical. Our students leave prepared to flourish in the newsroom."

A lifelong fascination with the Iron Curtain prompted Tyrone to travel to Transylvania in 1988 for his 40th birthday. Since then, he has visited Romania, Moldova and Serbia as a guest journalism professor, photographer and nonfiction book writer — and a similar trip to Latvia is on the horizon. . "It's absolutely and totally fascinating to see the messy death and birth of political systems," says the Fulbright senior specialist.

Professor Shaw grew up in the lower Hudson Valley but has family roots in Vermont; his great-grandparents emigrated from Lithuania and settled in Burlington. He lives on 22 acres in Bakersfield with his wife Nancy, an artist and chef. He enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, hiking, music, old cars, cooking, and eating good food with friends.

Contact Information:

Library and Learning Center, Room 323
802-635-1394, Tyrone.Shaw@jsc.edu

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