B.A. Degree in Communications & Community Media

Concentration in Print & Web Community Journalism

This concentration focuses on the particular demands and sensibilities of small-market, community journalism and prepares students for the realities of a career in journalism.

Students learn essential research, interviewing, writing and fact-checking skills as well as how to write quickly, concisely, accurately and objectively in a variety of styles, from hard news to editorials, reviews, features and profiles. Students learn and apply standard ethical principles to all of their work and gain a solid understanding of the role, rights and responsibilities of a free press in a democratic society.

Required Courses

Course # Course Title Credits

Core Courses

24 cr.
ENG 3022 Advanced News Publishing 3 cr. (take at least twice)
ENG 4160 Investigative Journalism

3 cr.

ENG 4130 Form and Theory of Nonfiction

3 cr.

ENG 2---- Two literature survey courses 6 cr.
HIS 1212 American History II 3 cr.
POS 1020 American Politics and Government 3 cr.
ENG 4810 Internship 3 cr.