B.A. Degree in Communications & Community Media

Concentration in Photojournalism

Students in this concentration gain a background in basic journalistic practices and digital media, then apply those skills to the particular demands of compelling visual documentation and narrative. Students learn essential photographic skills, from the basics of composition, lighting and depth of field, to advanced applications in both traditional darkrooms and the digital canvas. They also gain a broad historical perspective on photojournalism and an understanding of the ethical considerations of mass media in general and photojournalism in particular.

Required Courses

Course # Course Title Credits

Core Courses

24 cr.
ENG-3022 Advanced News Publishing 6 cr. (3 credits, take twice)
ART-2301 Photography I

3 cr.

ART-4040 Advanced Photography

3 cr.

ENG-1260 Introduction to Photojournalism 3 cr.
ART-XXXX Advanced Photojournalism 3 cr.
Introduction to Video Production 3 cr.
ART/ENG- 4810 Internship 3 cr.
  Total 48 cr.