Apply for Summer Financial Aid

Non-Degree Students 

In general, financial aid from Johnson State College is only awarded to degree-seeking students (an exception is made for students enrolling in teacher licensure programs). Non-degree students are encouraged to contact the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to explore non-degree grant options.

Degree-Seeking Students

Most financial aid at JSC is awarded for use during the fall and spring semesters; JSC has limited financial aid available for the summer sessions. Students needing financial assistance for the summer sessions must complete the 2014-15 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), if you have not done so already, at and 2014 Summer Financial Aid Application and Payment Form.

Please see the steps to apply for financial aid below.

Types of Aid

The types of aid available during the summer to eligible students include:

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Student Loans
  • Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans
  • Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loans (for graduate students only)


Undergraduate students must register for a minimum of 6 credits to be eligible to receive a loan. If a student initially registers for 6 credits but drops a course, thereby falling below the 6 credit requirement, the student's loan will be canceled. Graduate students must register for a minimum of 4.5 credits to be eligible to receive a loan.

Important Note
The amount of loan borrowed and Pell Grant award (if eligible) used to pay for summer courses will reduce the remaining eligibility of those funds for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. There is a maximum limit per year, set by the Department of Education; this is not JSC policy. Any student interested in summer work-study must see the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility.



1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Generally, the FAFSA must be received by the federal processor by April 1 to ensure timely awarding by the JSC Financial Aid Office. Students applying after the April 1 priority date need to file online immediately.

2. Complete the 2014 Summer Financial Aid Application and Payment Form. In addition to the FAFSA, students must complete this form. The Financial Aid Office has no way of knowing you are applying for aid for summer classes if this form is not submitted. The Financial Aid Office will notify you by email if additional information is needed to complete your file.

3. Once the federal processor has calculated your and/your family's financial contribution and the Financial Aid Office has received the processed FAFSA, financial aid is awarded. Returning students will be notified at their JSC email account to go to Web Services to accept or decline aid awards.

Please note the following:

Students must be maintaining satisfactory academic progress to receive any type of financial aid. You will not be considered for any summer aid until your Satisfactory Academic Progress is determined to be in good standing by the Financial Aid Office.

Summer aid will be awarded in the order of receipt of applications. If you do not submit the Summer Financial Aid Application and Payment Form, aid cannot be awarded; it is the only way we know that you want summer financial aid. Registration of courses is not an indicator that you want summer aid.

Students who are selected by the federal processor for a process called "verification" will need to provide the Financial Aid Office with the requested information before loans can be certified and any aid credited to a student's account. Students will receive an email to check document status on the portal if additional information is needed.


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