Mathematics at Johnson State CollegeMathematics is a rich and varied subject, full of interesting and important applications to everyday life and distinguished by creativity and beauty at its higher levels.

At Johnson State College, we go beyond the numbers and formulas to give mathematics students greater context for what they learn. We also examine the relationships between mathematics and other disciplines, such as history, philosophy and music. Small upper-level courses focus on class participation rather than lectures and challenge students to think creatively.

Graduates of the mathematics program develop critical-thinking and analytical skills. Mathematics majors often go on to graduate school or careers in related fields such as finance or engineering. Many students earning teacher licensure (grades 7-12) in mathematics later work in Vermont public schools.


Math professor

New Mathematics Scholarship!

  • Starting in fall 2014, a new scholarship is available from JSC for an incoming student from Vermont majoring in mathematics. The scholarship, generously funded by former JSC Mathematics Professor Stella Sargent, covers the full cost of unmet financial need for tuition over four years, up to a total of $40,000!

    Learn more and apply for the START Mathematics Scholarship here