Cassandra Kivela

Cassandra KivelaA transfer student who arrived at JSC during her sophomore year, Cassandra Kivela is a math major with a mission: she plans to teach middle school students, building in them a love of mathematics that they'll carry on into their high school years. "If you leave middle school hating math," she explains, "you'll hate it in high school, too." Middle school is such a critical time in terms of "hooking" kids on school, she says, and she feels like she understands them and can help make sure they go on to succeed at the secondary level and beyond.


A mother of two who runs a sugaring operation and raises pigs and chickens ("for the kids!" she explains), Cassandra is currently taking four math classes. She describes her professors as very accommodating to her busy schedule, though, making time to talk to her, helping her take advantage of all the possibilities a JSC education can offer. "My professors are always willing to meet with me and make time to talk to me and help me."

And though she has a busy life off campus, Cassandra says that she feels part of a close community of students in her major and she has met a lot of new people. "When you get into your major, it's more like you're in a family. Everybody helps everyone, and you're definitely not on your own."