Master of Fine Arts Degree Program Requirements

Residencies at the Vermont Studio Center are an integral component — and the key attraction — of the M.F. A. program at Johnson State College. Candidates complete four two-week residencies at the Studio Center between May and November. During their time at the Studio Center, students receive individual critiques from the M.F.A. faculty at Johnson State College and from visiting artists at the Studio Center. The Studio Center welcomes a variety of prominent visiting artists throughout the year. (Click to see the current Vermont Studio Center schedule of visiting artists.)

Students typically complete two sessions a year for three years and have the option of completing residencies concurrently or not, depending on individual life circumstances (e.g., job flexibility, home life, the schedule of visiting artists or the plans of other students). Students may enroll in more than two program sessions a year if space is available at the Studio Center and if approved by the student's advisor and the academic dean at Johnson State College. Special permission is required in order to complete fewer than two residencies a year.

For complete details, refer to the M.F.A. Student Handbook.


M.F.A. students work closely with an advisor from the M.F.A. program at Johnson State College to plan an overall approach to meeting degree requirements and to navigate any special challenges. Reflecting the nature of graduate work in the arts, credits at the Vermont Studio Center are offered on a pass/no-pass basis.


Required Courses

ART 5211 Studio Center Residency I 6 credits
ART 5212 Studio Center Residency II 6 credits
ART 5213 Studio Center Residency III 6 credits
ART 5214 Studio Center Residency IV 6 credits
ART 5215 Studio Center Residency V 6 credits
ART 5216 Studio Center Residency VI 6 credits
ART 5311 Contemporary Arts Seminar I 3 credits
ART 5312 Contemporary Arts Seminar II 3 credits
ART 5831 Independent Studio Work I 2 credits
ART 5832 Independent Studio Work II 2 credits
ART 5833 Independent Studio Work III 2 credits
ART 5834 Independent Studio Work IV 2 credits
ART 5835 Independent Studio Work V 2 credits
ART 5836 Independent Studio Work VI 2 credits
ART 5911 M.F.A. Thesis Preparation 3 credits
ART 5912 M.F.A. Thesis Preparation 3 credits
ART 5900 M.F.A. Continuous Registration 0***
TOTAL   60 credits

For a list of expected outcomes for M.F.A. graduates, refer to the M.F.A. Student Handbook.