B.A. Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

frisbee on campusThe Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree seeks to give students the tools to explore and understand connections and patterns: within and among disciplines; between self and the world; among different cultures.

It seeks to give students knowledge of how great thinkers in various fields have sought to understand experience and use their learning to address problems and engage fully with life.


Degree Requirements

Total of 42 credits, at least 21 of which must be upper-division, as follows:

  • 18 credits in a primary area of study;
  • 12 credits in a secondary supporting area of study;
  • 9 credits in a tertiary area of study; and
  • 3-credit capstone course: INT 4610 Senior Seminar in Liberal Arts
  • An extended classroom experience, which may be credit or non-credit bearing. It may be completed through an existing course, internship, practicum or service-learning experience.
  • At least 12 of the 42 credits required within the Interdisciplinary Studies major must be taken in the semesters after the Plan of Study has been approved.

Course Descriptions and Program Details

For more information, see the Undergraduate Course Catalog.