Modern Languages

Modern Languages at JSCThe modern language program seeks to enable students to communicate in the target language on a functional level. Our objective is proficiency in both the receptive (listening and reading) and productive (speaking and writing) skills. In addition, we intend to inspire a curiosity and passion for the cultures and the peoples of the French-and Spanish-speaking world, to enter sympathetically these other languages and cultures, and to reach a deeper understanding of who we are through the process of exploring the other.

We approach French and Spanish through a variety of speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. Written work is measured against a process-writing profile which includes content, organization, language use, mechanics and vocabulary. Oral work is assessed according to the Oral Proficiency Guidelines. At the end of each semester, the professor and the course are evaluated by the individual students. We also conduct mid-semester evaluations of both classroom and language laboratory work.