Why Study French?

The benefits of studying French

The Top Ten Reasons To Study French

10. To impress my friends (Wow, that's cool!).

9. To meet guys and girls at cafes and bars across the border (Salut, Quebec!).

8. To get my choice of jobs in Elementary Education in Vermont (Vermont Non-native Language Standard, 2005).

7. To get my choice of jobs in Vermont in Hotel Tourism Management (Vermont HTM Survey, '99).

6. To make a real connection to my Franco-American and/or Abenaki heritage.

5. To prepare for service in the Peace Corps (Africa needs you).

4. To open new doors for a career in International finance, banking and marketing where French identifies top employees (50 countries outside U.S. speak French).

3. To prepare for a career in the travel and recreational industry (International trekking, anyone?).

2. To experience and value a whole new world of literature, philosophy, history and political science.

1. To appreciate the world from a new perspective. Language is the vehicle for thought. (A person with savoir faire knows that "All great minds don't think alike.").

Humanities student