Vermont Politics in Action

A VT politics series eventState Senator Bill Doyle, the longest-standing senator in the Vermont legislature, has taught government at JSC since 1958. Over the years, he has called on his political connections to enrich the lives of our students in countless ways.

During a typical semester in his Observation of the Legislative Process course, Professor Doyle hosts in-classroom visits from a dozen or more political figures. Among the long list of past speakers are former Vermont governors Philip Hoff, Thomas Salmon and Madeleine Kunin.

Outside of the classroom, Professor Doyle holds a lecture series that is open to all students and the general public. The fall 2008 edition featured a debate between the three primary contenders for the Vermont governor's seat. A list of the most recent series' speakers can be found here.

Professor Doyle has also led the way in securing internships in the state legislature, allowing our students to interact with politicians and take part in the legislative process. In fact, JSC has more internships in the legislature than any other school in Vermont.

With the support of professors like Bill Doyle, it's no wonder that 27 JSC graduates have gone on to careers as public office holders. Dozens more have worked in government or other jobs in public service.