The Trojan Women: November 5-7, 2009

The Trojan Women, by Euripedes
Translated by Nicholas Rudall
Directed by Russ Longtin
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A scene from The Trojan Women





Poseidon: Justin Pomerville
Athena: Cassandra Johndrow
Hecuba: Lynne Dumais
Talthybius: Eric R. Hill
Cassandra: Rose Osborne
Andromache: Claire Demarias
Menelaus: AJ Gagliardi
Helen: Alannah Halliday

Astyanax: Isaiah James Taylor
Chorus Leader A: Madeleine Gibbons
Chorus Leader B: Bridget Conway
Chorus: Jenny Samuelson, Liz Thompson, Zoe Yioulos, Nancy Galante, Amanda Bryan, Amanda Webster, Abby Maurice, Kayla Jarobski, Rhiannon Fleckenstein
Soldier: Dan Schurman


Stage Manager: Taryn Glasser
ASM: Kate-lynn Pal and Max Bowen
Light Designer: Henry Meola
Sound Engineer: Colleen Twomey
Set Designer: Zachary Cloud Boykins
Props: Claire Demarias
Costumes: Madeleine Gibbons, Alexandria Mount, Kim Reynolds, Zachary Cloud Boykins, Rose Osbourne, Claire Demarais

Technical Director: Zachary Cloud Boykins
Master Carpenter: Nick Cooper
Special Effects: Henry Meola
Audio/Visual: Liz Glasser
Master Electrician: Henry Meola


Director's Note

Russ Longtin, DirectorNicholas Rudall's adaptation of Euripides' classic, The Trojan Women, makes Greek tragedy accessible to modern audiences and presents us with the clear message that war is timeless. At the heart of the play is the enslavement of the victims of the Trojan War. The women are paraded before us in all their grief and humiliation. As the Trojan women are carried away, we are in awe of their suffering-filled full of pity and fear.

Gathering nearly every woman in the department to perform this tragic play has been an education and a challenge for all of us — hard work, passion and commitment helped all of us to become engaged very early in the rehearsal process. And strangely enough, both touching and fun.