Noises Off: November 2008

Noises Off playbill coverNoises Off, by Michael Frayn
Directed by Russ Longtin




Dottey Otley: Lauren Bushway

Lloyd Dallas: AJ Gagliardi

Garry Lejeune: Clayton Daniels

Brooke Ashton: Lauren Chapman

Poppy Norton-Taylor: Melissa Noonan

Frederick Fellowes: Warren Ramsey

Belinda Blair: Rhiannon Fleckenstein

Tim Allgood: Noel Porter

Selsdon Mowbray: Justin Pomerville


Stage Manager: Madeleine Gibbons
ASM: Keriann Clinton

Master Carpenter: Adam Bagdon

A.T.D. Construction Supervisor: Nic Balkum
Lighting Designer: Nancy Galante

Lighting Assistant: Bridget Conway
Sound Designer: Dana Thomas
Set Designer: Nick Cooper

Assistant Set Designer: Scott Grella

Scenic Designer: Jess Silva
Costumes: Nena Carberry

Sound Board Operator: Kay Kilty

Prop Crew: Keriann Clinton, Claire Demarais, Taryn Glasser, Anne Schneider

Running Crew: Nicholas Cooper, Nicole Franzen, Liz Glasser, Katina Kazanas, Kate-Lynn Pal, Kim Reynolds

Construction, Paint & Light Crew: Nina Carberry, Keriann Clinton, Nicholas Cooper, Nridget Conway, Julianne Coye, Claire Demarais, Lynne Dumais, Nicole Franzen, A.J. Gagliardi, Liz Glasser, Taryn Glasser, Katina Kazanas, Kay Kilty, Jeremy LaClair, Henry Meola, Parker Mitofsky, Chelsie O'Connell, Rose Osborn, Kate-Lynn Pal, Kim Reynolds, Kate Severance, Willie Vitagliano



Director's Note

Russ Longtin, DirectorOver my 22 years at JSC, I have been deemed the director of serious material. I yearned for some laughter, some laughs, and Noises Off has been the perfect vehicle. It is one of the most dexterously realized comedies ever about putting on a comedy — a spectacularly funny evening in the theater, a peerless backstage farce. It is a dizzy romp. There are moments when everyone — onstage and in the audience — seems to be riding the same runaway train, a virtual rollercoaster. It, in the final analysis, is a veritable celebration of truly awful theater!