Media Arts Degree Requirements

Required Core Courses

ARH-2010 Survey of Western Traditions in Art 3 CR

ARH-2060 Survey of Non-Western Traditions in Art 3 CR

ART-1011 Drawing I 3 CR

ART-2301 Photography I 3 CR

ART-2211 Painting I 3 CR

ART-2251 Sculpture I 3 CR ART-2110

Introduction to Digital Media 3 CR

Subtotal 21 CR

Advanced Art History Electives (Select two courses)

ARH-3015 Greek and Roman Art 3 CR

ARH-3020 Art of the Renaissance 3 CR

ARH-3060 20th Century Art 3 CR

ARH-3110 The Spiritual in Non-Western Art 3 CR

ARH-3120 Art Criticism 3 CR

ARH-3130 History of Photography 3 CR

ARH-3140 African Art 3 CR

ARH-3150 Art of the Human Body 3 CR

ARH-3210 Women in Art 3 CR

ARH-4710 Special Topics in Art History 3 CR

ARH-3XXX Media Art History (to be created) 3 CR

Subtotal 6 CR

Advanced Non-Media Studio Electives (Select two different courses)

ART-3031 Life Drawing 3 CR

ART-3032 Advanced Drawing 3 CR

ART-3040 Landscape Painting 3 CR

ART-3222 Advanced Ceramics 3 CR

ART-3314 Advanced Printmaking 3 CR

ART-3320 Monoprints 3 CR

ART-4040 Advanced Photography 3 CR

ART-4050 Advanced Painting 3 CR

ART-4110 Visual Art and Performance 3 CR

ART-4130 Advanced Sculpture 3 CR

ART-4710 Spec. Topics in Non-Media Studio Art 3 CR

Subtotal 6 CR

Advanced Media Electives (Select five different courses)

ART-4020 Advanced Digital Media 3 CR

ART-4060 Graphic Design 3 CR

ART-4070 Web Design for Artists 3 CR

ART-4150 Video 3 CR

ART-720 Special Topics in Media Arts 3 CR

ART-XXXX Intermedia 3 CR

ART-XXXX Animation and Motion Graphics 3 CR

ART-XXXX Image Processing 3 CR

ART-XXXX Web and Social Media 3 CR

Subtotal 15 CR

Extended Media Experience (Select 1 course)

ART-4810 Internship in Art 3 CR

MUS-2160 Introduction to Technology in Music 3 CR

ENV-3310 Applications in GIS 3 CR

MAT-XXXX Math and Media 3 CR

THA-XXXX Performing Arts and Technology

Required Capstone Courses

ART-4120 BFA Thesis Exhibition 3 CR

ARH-4720 Seminar in Contemporary Art Issues 3 CR

ART-4730 BFA Seminar 3 CR

Subtotal 9 CR


Course descriptions and more information is available in the College Catalog