Faculty Profile: Susan Calza

A multimedia artist who regularly exhibits her work, Susan Calza creates in sculpture, photography, video, performance and drawing. In classes, she uses stream-of-consciousness writing, poetry readings and music to encourage students' self-reflection, whether they're working in textiles, stone, wood or metal. "It's important for them to be conceptually connected to an idea," says Calza, who might have students build wings or cages as part of a metaphorical examination of their lives.

Susan grew up the youngest of four children in an Italian immigrant family in Wallingford, Conn. Her grandfather was a granite cutter and her father, a machinist. She recalls being surrounded and fascinated by objects that found their way into her art: coils from her father's shop, cloth from the upstairs dressmaker.

Susan received her M.F.A. in sculpture from the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign. She's traveled widely and volunteered extensively; most recently, she and her young son helped children living in the dumps of Guatemala City express themselves through art. She soaks in the natural beauty of Vermont, especially on her commutes to and from her Montpelier home.

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Contact Information:

Visual Arts Center, Room 110
802-635-1224, Susan.Calza@jsc.edu

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