Faculty Profile: John Miller

John MillerAs part of a continuing digital photography project, he's traveled extensively throughout Italy and reconstructed images as diverse as Umbria's brilliant landscape and Rome's otherwise-unappealing graffiti and trash in the streets. But he's constantly drawn to his own native Northeast Kingdom: its deer camps and small towns, its hillsides and river valleys, its people and their daily lives. "I always return to Vermont because it's very much a spirit place," John Miller says. Travel, however, makes him appreciate the place even more-and enriches his teaching. "Travel extends my ability to work and to understand and to see relationships. I like to bring that back to the classroom."

He leads students on trips, encouraging them to take risks with their photography, whether it's knocking on doors to document a story or photographing what others overlook. By working alongside his students, he teaches them about the artistic process and seeing a project through to its exposure in the greater community. As a service-learning ambassador, he advocates for artists' involvement in the broader world. "It's very much about having students become citizens, working in a community and giving back through whatever their chosen medium."

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Contact Information:

Visual Arts Center, Room 108
802-635-1359, John.Miller@jsc.edu

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