Degrees Available through EDP

B.A. and B.S. degrees in any major at Johnson State College are available to EDP students who can take some courses on the JSC campus. Statewide, B.A. degrees in five majors are available through the External Degree Program:

  • Business Management

This is a broad-based management degree that provides the skills and knowledge necessary to run a business, succeed in a variety of management and administrative positions, or pursue graduate study.

  • Childhood Education

Earning a degree in childhood education prepares students for professional work with children. Students seeking a teaching license at the K-6 level also must also complete the teacher education program in elementary education, which includes an additional set of courses, and work with their advisor to select an approved second major, such as a B.A. in interdisciplinary studies or another 30-credit concentration in the liberal arts or sciences.

    Interdisciplinary Studies

    A degree in interdisciplinary studies is a valuable foundation for many careers and for further study. Students in this major design their own program based on three interconnected areas of study within the liberal arts or sciences.

  • Professional Studies

Professional studies is a self-designed program available only to EDP students. Students work with their EDP advisor to combine various types of prior learning and design a program based on a specific professional interest, such as business, psychology, or wellness and alternative medicine -- three particularly popular interest areas in recent years. This is a career-focused major tailored to each student, so the possibilities are limited only by the student's interests and the scope of our 75+ courses per semester.  

  • Psychology

A psychology major explores a wide range of theories concerning human behavior, development, thought, emotion, learning, intelligence, personality, and group dynamics. A psychology degree provides a foundation for many careers and for graduate work leading to a career in psychology.


In addition to meeting requirements for their major, students must complete the EDP General Education course requirements. Many of these requirements in the liberal arts and sciences can be satisfied through previously completed courses, but students must earn at least 30 credits as an EDP student to be eligible for a bachelor's degree from Johnson State College.

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