General Education Requirements

Among the minimum 120 credits required for a bachelor's degree, EDP students must earn at least 60 credits in liberal arts that include these General Education courses:

Key Skills

Quantitative Analysis (3 cr.)

Rhetorical Expression (ENG 1220, 3 cr.)
A writing course with extensive one-on-one tutorials that must be taken through EDP.

Integrated Knowledge Areas

IHR: Individual & Human Relationships, 6 cr.
English literature or writing, languages, communications, psychology or other courses with a focus on understanding self and others.

SHR: Social & Historical Relationships, 6 cr.
Sociology, history, political science, economics, law and other courses focusing on social institutions, movements and problems past and present, with at least three credits that emphasize an historical perspective.

EWR: Environmental & World Relationships, 7 cr.
Sciences (physical, biological, environmental, health). At least four credits must use or study scientific method and include a field study or lab.

UPR: Universal & Philosophical Relationships, 6 cr.
Courses with a focus on transcendent issues, symbolic systems and aesthetic understanding, such as art, music or drama, with at least three credits in a consciously speculative field such as philosophy, religious studies, mythology, or aesthetic or symbolic theory.



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