Science Speaker Series

Each fall, JSC's Department of Environmental and Health Sciences hosts a popular speaker series on Wednesday afternoons featuring experts on topics in science. Each presentation runs from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. in Bentley Hall, Room 206, unless otherwise noted. Contact Les Kanat at 635-1327 for more information.

All presentations are free and open to the public. Ample free parking is available. Please join us.


Fall 2013 Current Topics in Science

date speaker and affiliation title

4 Sep 2013

Dr. Lewis Mitchell,

Postdoctoral researcher in Applied Mathematics in the Computational Story Lab at the University of Vermont.

Happiness, Geography, the Weather and Twitter: Using Data Science as a Microscope for Human Dynamics.

11 Sep 2013

Dr. Nancy Elwess,

Professor of Molecular Genetics at the State University of New York in Plattsburgh.

What Does DNA From Ancient Maya Skeletons Reveal?

18 Sep 2013

Dr. Amy Welch,
Associate Professor of Health Science, Johnson State College, Vermont.

If Exercise Makes Us Feel Good, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?

25 Sep 2013

Tim Hunter,

Director, Advanced Genome Technologies Core at the University of Vermont.

Molecular Clues to Environmental Issues.

2 Oct 2013

Dr. Dain LaRoche,

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, Department of Kinesiology at the University of New Hampshire.

Excess Fat Mass Impairs Strength and Mobility in Older Adults.
16 Oct 2013

Arnie Gundersen,

Chief Engineer, Fairewinds Energy Education.

NOTE: This talk will be held in the Stearns Performance Space; it is a Creative Audience Event.

A Road Less Taken: Energy Choices for the Future.

Creative Audience Event

23 Oct 2013

Dr. Sue Kasser,

Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Movement Science at the University of Vermont.

Postural Control in Multiple Sclerosis: from Mechanisms to Intervention.
30 Oct 2013

Jens Hawkins-Hilke,

Conservation Planning Biologist, VT Fish and Wildlife Department.

Conservation Planning in Vermont: Development, Climate Change and Habitat Fragmentation in the Green Mountain State.
6 Nov 2013

Kim Greenwood,

Water Program Director, Vermont Natural Resources Council.

Public Trust Resources: Should Vermont Tax Bottled Water?
13 Nov 2013

Dr. Ben Luce,

Assistant Professor of Physics and Renewable Energy, Department of Natural Sciences at Lyndon State College.

Comparing renewable energy options for VT and the Northeast: The real potentials of, cost trends, and impact issues of different resources.
20 Nov 2013

Caitlin Cusack,

Coordinator of Forest Pests First Detector Program, University of VT Extension Service.

Forest Pest First Detectors: The "X Factor" in Vermont's Forest Health Protection Efforts.
4 Dec 2013

Jeff Simone,
Vice President of AccuworxUSA.

In-Situ Thermal Treatment of Hydrocarbons.
11 Dec 2013

Dr. Mark Lubkowitz,
Professor of Biology, and Dr.Valerie Bang-Jensen,
Professor of Education, St. Michael's College.

Embracing Complexity: Creating a Richer Picture Through Merging Biological and Literary Lenses.



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