Environmental & Health Sciences Speaker Series: Past Presentations

Each fall the Department of Environmental and Health Sciences invites speakers to present a talk on an issue related to environmental science. Below are the presentations from past years. Click here to return to the current year's series.

Fall 2013 Current Topics in Science

date speaker and affiliation title
4 Sep 2013

Dr. Lewis Mitchell,

Postdoctoral researcher in Applied Mathematics in the Computational Story Lab at the University of Vermont.

Happiness, Geography, the Weather and Twitter: Using Data Science as a Microscope for Human Dynamics.

11 Sep 2013

Dr. Nancy Elwess,

Professor of Molecular Genetics at the State University of New York in Plattsburgh.

What Does DNA From Ancient Maya Skeletons Reveal?
18 Sep 2013

Dr. Amy Welch,
Associate Professor of Health Science, Johnson State College, Vermont.

If Exercise Makes Us Feel Good, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?
25 Sep 2013

Tim Hunter,

Director, Advanced Genome Technologies Core at the University of Vermont.

Molecular Clues to Environmental Issues.

2 Oct 2013

Dr. Dain LaRoche,

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, Department of Kinesiology at the University of New Hampshire.

Excess Fat Mass Impairs Strength and Mobility in Older Adults.
16 Oct 2013

Arnie Gundersen,

Chief Engineer, Fairewinds Energy Education.

NOTE: This talk will be held in the Stearns Performance Space; it is a Creative Audience Event.

A Road Less Taken: Energy Choices for the Future.

Creative Audience Event

23 Oct 2013

Dr. Sue Kasser,

Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Movement Science at the University of Vermont.

Postural Control in Multiple Sclerosis: from Mechanisms to Intervention.
30 Oct 2013

Jens Hawkins-Hilke,

Conservation Planning Biologist, VT Fish and Wildlife Department.

Conservation Planning in Vermont: Development, Climate Change and Habitat Fragmentation in the Green Mountain State.
6 Nov 2013

Kim Greenwood,

Water Program Director, Vermont Natural Resources Council.

Public Trust Resources: Should Vermont Tax Bottled Water?
13 Nov 2013

Dr. Ben Luce,

Assistant Professor of Physics and Renewable Energy, Department of Natural Sciences at Lyndon State College.

Comparing renewable energy options for VT and the Northeast: The real potentials of, cost trends, and impact issues of different resources.
20 Nov 2013

Caitlin Cusack,

Coordinator of Forest Pests First Detector Program, University of VT Extension Service.

Forest Pest First Detectors: The "X Factor" in Vermont's Forest Health Protection Efforts.
4 Dec 2013

Jeff Simone,
Vice President of AccuworxUSA.

In-Situ Thermal Treatment of Hydrocarbons.
11 Dec 2013

Dr. Mark Lubkowitz,
Professor of Biology, and Dr.Valerie Bang-Jensen,
Professor of Education, St. Michael's College.

Embracing Complexity: Creating a Richer Picture Through Merging Biological and Literary Lenses.



Fall 2012 Current Topics in Science

date speaker and affiliation title
5 Sep 2012

Drs. Bacchus, Dolci, Genter, and Kanat,
EHS Faculty at JSC

The Lamoille River Watershed Research Project

12 Sep 2012

Lawrence Hayes,

Meteorologist at the Fairbanks Museum and Lyndon State College

Soil Moisture and its Effect on Weather
19 Sep 2012

Deb Katz,

Director, Citizens Awareness Network

NOTE: This talk will be held in the Stearns Student Center Performance Space

Life After Vermont Yankee: Creating A Green Energy Future
26 Sep 2012

Marjie Gale,
Geologist, Vermont Geological Survey

The Vermont Geological Map

3 Oct 2012

Alan Giese, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor of Biology and Director of the Vermont Science Initiative, LSC

Ticks in Vermont: What We Wish We Knew and Why
17 Oct 2012

Kathryn Blume,

Actor, Writer and Activist, from Shelburne, VT

NOTE: This talk will be held in the Stearns Student Center Performance Space

Art, Activism, and Inspiration

24 Oct 2012

Michael Smith,

Waste Management, VT Department of Environmental Conservation

Characterizing Sites Contaminated with DNAPLs
31 Oct 2011

Tania Bacchus, Ph.D.,

Professor of Environmental Science, Johnson State College

The Climate at JSC and its Link to Climate Change
7 Nov 2012

Scott Sawyer, Ph.D.,

Research, Evaluation and Communications Coordinator, VT Sustainable Jobs Fund

Farm to Plate Initiative: Strengthening Vermont's Food System
14 Nov 2012

Darlene M. Olsen, Ph.D.,

Department of Mathematics, Norwich University

Analyzing the Effects of an Environmental Toxin by Statistically Modeling Time Course Microarray Data
28 Nov 2012

Jon Kim, Ph.D.,

Geologist, Vermont Geological Survey

Acquiring Groundwater Temperatures in Vermont through Modern Well Logging Techniques
5 Dec 2012

Kevin Johnston, Ph.D.,

Product Engineer, Environmental Systems Research Institute

Modeling the Potential Affect on Wildlife Habitat Resulting From Predicted Climate Change
12 Dec 2012

Jim Ryan,

Watershed Coordinator, VT Department of Environmental Conservation

Tropical Storm Irene Impacts: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; Working Towards Stream Equilibrium and Flood Resilient Communities




Fall 2011 Current Topics in Science

date speaker and affiliation title

31 Aug 2011

Dr. Timothy Perkins,
Director of the Proctor Maple Research Center, Underhill, VT

The Science of Maple

7 Sep 2011

Dr. Declan McCabe,
Associate Professor of Biology, St. Michael's College, Colchester, VT

Zebra Mussels Negative and Also Positive Effects on Native Species

14 Sep 2011

Dr. Trish Hanson,

Forest Protection Entomologist, VT Department of Forestry, Waterbury, VT

Close Encounters of the Wasp Kind: A Hardworking Insect that Helps Foresters

21 Sep 2011

Deborah Markowitz, J.D.,
Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Waterbury, VT

NOTE: This talk will be held in the Stearns Student Center Performance Space

The Vermont Climate Cabinet

28 Sep 2011

Dr. Hans Haverkamp,
Associate Professor of Health Science, Johnson State College, Johnson, VT

Lung Function During Exercise in Asthmatic Humans

12 Oct 2011

Dr. Catherine Garland,
Associate Professor of Physics, Natural Sciences Department, Castleton State College, VT

Using Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies to Study Galaxy Evolution

19 Oct 2011

Dr. Karen Hinkle,
Associate Professor of Biology, Norwich University, Northfield, VT

Investigation of Alterations in Gene Expression Upon Lampricide Exposure in Yeast And Frog Cells

26 Oct 2011

Dr. Paul Whalen,

Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College, NH

Face to Face With Your Emotional Brain
2 Nov 2011

Greg Hanson,
Senior Service Hydrologist, NOAA National Weather Service, Burlington, VT

From Investigation to Prognostication: The Importance of Research to National Weather Service Operations

9 Nov 2011

Gail Busch,

President, Algepower Inc.

The Next Frontier: Algae for Food and Fuel

16 Nov 2011

Kathryn Blume,
Actor, Writer and Activist, Shelburne, VT



30 Nov 2011

Dr. Shane Lamos,
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, St. Michael's College, Colchester, VT

Relative Quantification of Metabolites and Biomarkers

7 Dec 2011

Dr. Gregory Petrics,
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Johnson State College, VT

Sub Riemannian Geometry, Natural Image Dis-occlusions, and Optical Illusions


Fall 2010 Current Topics in Environmental Science

date speaker and affiliation title
1 Sep 2010

Dr. Elizabeth Dolci,
Professor of Biology, Johnson State College

Aquatic Microbial Communities at the Lowell/Eden Asbestos Mine

8 Sep 2010

Dr. Sarah Greene,
Lecturer, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, UVM College of Medicine

Neuroimaging and Alzheimer’s Disease


15 Sep 2010

Dr. Stephen Wright,

Geologist, Department of Geology, University of Vermont

Glacial Geology of Northern Vermont: Ice Flow, Hydrology, and Lake History

22 Sep 2010

Elizabeth Courtney,
Executive Director, VT Natural Resource Council

Busting the Myth of Either/Or (Toward an Integrated Economic and Environmental Policy)
29 Sep 2010 Dr. Alan Betts,
Atmospheric Research

Climate Change and Vermont

13 Oct 2010 George Springston,
Research Associate, Department of Geology and Environmental Science, Norwich University

Landslide Hazards in Vermont

20 Oct 2010

Candace Page,
Environmental Reporter and Former Managing Editor, Burlington Free Press

The Power of the Written Word in a Changing World

27 Oct 2010

Neil Kamman,
Program Manager, Monitoring, Assessment & Planning Program, VT Department of Environmental Conservation

Bridging Science with Water Quality Policy: the Role of Ambient Monitoring in the Protection and Improvement of Vermont’s Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands
3 Nov 2010

Dr. Andrea Pearce,

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont

Environmental Data Analysis: Tools and Applications From the Lake Champlain Basin
10 Nov 2010 Dr. Robert Genter,
Professor of Biology, Johnson State College

Pollution as Measured by Microbial Source Tracking and Total Phosphorus in the Lamoille River Watershed, VT

17 Nov 2010 Dr. Perry Thomas,
President the Federation of VT Lakes and Ponds

Deep History of Lake Conservation

1 Dec 2010

Dr. Ellen Mardsten,
Professor of Fisheries, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont

Lake Champlain Fish Ecology — How Humans Have Altered the System

8 Dec 2010

Linda Elliot and John Schmeltzer,
VT Agency of Natural Resources, Waste Management Division, Sites Management Section

Vermont Asbestos Group Mine


Fall 2009 Current Topics in Environmental Science

date speaker and affiliation title

2 Sep 2009

Deb Katz,
Executive Director,
Citizens Awareness Network

What It Will Take To Create A Green Revolution In Vermont?

9 Sep 2009

Wayne LaRoche,
VT Department of Fish and Wildlife

Managing Fish and Wildlife Resources: Addressing the "Needs" of the Wild with the "Wants" of the People.

16 Sep 2009

Duncan Hastings,

Municipal Administrator and Electric Department General Manager, Johnson, VT

Operation of a Small Electrical Utility.

23 Sep 2009

Matt Levin,
Outreach and Development Director, Vermonters for a Clean Environment

Wind Power: On The Ground Facts in Your Backyard.

30 Sep 2009

Sandy Wilmot,
Forest Health Specialist,
VT Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation

Keeping Tabs On The Health Of Forests.

14 Oct 2009

Arnie Gundersen and Maggie Gundersen,
Chief Engineer (AG) and President (MG) of Fairewinds Associates

Vermont Yankee at 40: Decommission, or 20 more years?

(click here for audio transcript)

21 Oct 2009

David Dunn,
Manager of Renewable Projects Development, Central Vermont Public Service

Cow Power: Evolution of the Program.

28 Oct 2009

Christopher Parker,
Vermont Rail Advocacy Network

Reduction in Energy Use and Pollution via Vermont Railroads.
4 Nov 2009

Dr. Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, Ph.D.
VT State Climatologist

Vermont's Changing Climate: Understanding Climate Change Locally.

11 Nov 2009

Rick Colwell, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology
Oregon State University

Biogeochemical Exhalations: Microbial Methane in Marine Sediments.

18 Nov 2009

Tom Butler,
Editorial Projects Director, Foundation for Deep Ecology

Plundering Appalachia: The Tragedy of Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining.
2 Dec 2009

Jarred Cobb,
Northeast Field Organizer, Greenpeace

No Nukes! Shutting Down Vermont Yankee and Laying the Groundwork for a Clean Energy Future.

Fall 2008 Current Topics in Environmental Science

date speaker and affiliation title

3 Sep 2008

Chris Williams,
VT Organizer for Citizens Awareness Network

Vermont Yankee: Clean, Safe, and Reliable?

10 Sep 2008

Jackie Folsom,
President, VT Farm Bureau

Environment and the Legislature.

17 Sep 2008

Raymond Toolan,

Lamoille County Forester

Forestry in Vermont: An Overview.

24 Sep 2008

Kerry Ann Garlick and Marcus Atkinson,
Worldwide walkers and muscians from Australia.

A Climate of Hope.

1 Oct 2008

Amy Shollenberger,
Director, Rural Vermont

Soil Health and Local Foods.

15 Oct 2008

Nancy Mears,
Executive Director, VT Green Building Network

Green Building Trends and the LEED Rating System.

22 Oct 2008

Chris Sabick,
Nautical Archaeologist and Conservator, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Cultural Resources of Lake Champlain and the Impact of Invasive Species.

29 Oct 2008

Richard Watts, Ph.D.,
Research Director, University Transportation Research Center and VT Clean Cities Coalition

Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Transportation in Vermont: Obstacles and Opportunities.

12 Nov 2008

Emily Maxwell, Field Director, and James Moore, Clean Energy Advocate, VT Public Interest Research Group

Renewable Energy Solutions to Vermont Yankee.

19 Nov 2008

Shelly Martin,
Climate Change Fellow, Northern Forest Alliance

Climate Change and the Northern Forest.

3 Dec 2008

David Keefe,
Manager of Training Service, VT Energy Investment Corporation

Energy Audits: Why Get One, What's Involved, and Who Does Them?

10 Dec 08

Anthony Irrapino,
Conservation Law Foundation

Healthy Forests.



Fall 2007 Current Topics in Environmental Science

date speaker and affiliation title

5 Sep 2007

Hattie Nestel,
Citizens Awareness Network

The Effects Of Low Level Radiation Emitted By Nuclear Power

12 Sep 2007

Doug Kievit-Kylar,
Pollution Prevention Planner, Environmental Information Education and Outreach Specialist,
VT Agency of Natural Resources

The Long Emergency: The Problem and Promise of Peak Oil

19 Sep 2007

Scott Gordon, Ph.D.,
Founder and CEO,
Green Technologies, LLC

Adventures with Biodiesel

26 Sep 2007

David Dunn,
Manager of Renewable Projects Development,
Central Vermont Public Service

Cowpower: Choosing to Make a Difference

3 Oct 2007

Rob Williams,
Public Affairs Spokesman,
Vermont Yankee Power Plant

Vermont Yankee as the State's Energy Future

17 Oct 2007

Marc Roy, M.S.,
Underground Storage Tanks Section Chief,
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Regulations and Problems Associated With Underground Storage Tanks

24 Oct 2007

Harold Garabedian,
Deputy Director, Air Pollution Control Division, VT DEC

An Overview of Air Quality and Energy Consumption in VT

31 Oct 2007

Floyd Nease,
Assistant Majority Leader, VT House, and Tony Klein, Ranking Member of the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee.

The Policy and Politics of Vermont Yankee

7 Nov 2007

Jon Kim, Ph.D.,
Vermont Geological Survey

Application of Tectonics to Groundwater Problems in Vermont

14 Nov 2007

Michael Balshi, Ph.D.,
Post-doctoral Researcher,
University of New Hampshire

The Vulnerability of Carbon Storage in Boreal North America During the 21st Century to Increases in Wildfire Activity

28 Nov 2007

Dave Palumbo,
Independent Power, LLC

Renewable Energy Solutions Using Solar Electric Power

5 Dec 2007

Larry Jacobs,
Sales Engineer,
NRG Systems, Inc.

Wind Power: the Industry, The Technology, and the Potential for VT

12 Dec 2007

Sean Sarah,
Field Associate,
VT Public Interest Research Group

Vermont Yankee: Collapses, Failures, and Solutions



Fall 2006 Current Topics in Environmental Science

date speaker and affiliation title

6 Sep 2006

Charles Fish, Ph.D.,

In the Land of the Wild Onion: Travels Along Vermont's Winooski River.

13 Sep 2006

Glenn Sproul,
Professor of Mathematics
Johnson State College

Quantitative Literacy for the Sciences.

20 Sep 2006

Andrew Perchilk,
Renewable Energy Vermont

The Power of Vermont's Renewable Energies.

27 Sep 2006

Chris Herrick,
VT HazMat Response Team

HazMat Response in Vermont: Protecting People and the Environment!

11 Oct 2006

Karen Coffey,
Training and Support Coordinator, HydroCAD, LLC

Stormwater Modeling and the Environment.

18 Oct 2006

Abbie Nelson,
NOFA Agricultural Educational Coordinator and VT Food Education Everyday), and Kate Riley, NOFA VT Farm-To-School Mentor for Lamoille Co.

Farm to School Connections: Through the Classroom, the Cafeteria, and the Community.

25 Oct 2006

Noelle MacKay,
Executive Director,
Vermont Forum on Sprawl

Vermont — Growing by Chance or Choice.

1 Nov 2006

Elizabeth Courtney,
Executive Director,
VT Natural Resources Council

Rural Resource Protection: Groundwater Quality, Habitat Protection, and Vermont’s Economy.

8 Nov 2006

Tim Camisa,
VT Organics Reclamation, Inc.

Nutrient, Energy, and Land Management of Vermont's Dairy Farms.

15 Nov 2006

Michael Zahner,
Executive Director,
VT Natural Resources Board

Act 250: Protecting Vermont's Primary Agricultural Resources and Growth Center Designation.

29 Nov 2006

Todd Bailey,
Associate Director,
VT Alliance of Conservation Voters

Turning Environmental Science Into Environmental Policy.

6 Dec 2006

Meg Mitchell,
Forest Supervisor,
Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests

Future Public Policy Issues on the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest.

13 Dec 2006

Chris Slesar,
VTrans Environmental Specialist
VT Agency of Transportation

Wildlife Crossings and Habitat Connectivity.



Fall 2004 Current Topics in Environmental Science

date speaker and affiliation title

1 Sep 2004

Nelson Hoffman,
Transportation Environmental Coordinator,
VT Agency of Transportation

The Impact and Benefits of Stormwater Regulations.

8 Sep 2004

Luke Krieg, Ph.D.,
Visiting Associate Professor,
Johnson State College, Vermont

Cumulative Environmental Impact and Environmental Justice.

15 Sep 2004

Beverly Wemple, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Geography,
The University of Vermont

High Elevation Hydrology and Effects of Ski Area Development in Vermont.

22 Sep 2004

Jeff Wennberg,
Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation,
VT Agency of Natural Resources

Regulatory Revolution: New Tools for Environmental Protection.

29 Sep 2004

Mike Fraysier,
Lands Director
VT Agency of Natural Resources

Vermont's Public Lands and Wind Energy Development — A Compatible Use?

13 Oct 2004

Jacob and Mary Racusin,
Montgomery, VT

Straw Bale Building in the Northeast.

20 Oct 2004

Netaka White,
Vermont Biofuels Association and
Sabrina Trupia,
Vice President,
VT Alternative Energy Corp.

Building a Sustainable Biofuels Industry in Vermont.


3 Nov 2004

Ben Davis,
Vermont Public Interest Research Group

GMO Policy in the State of Vermont.

10 Nov 2004

Jim Ryan and
Brian Fitzgerald,
Water Quality Division,
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

Dams: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. A Discussion of Statewide Efforts at Dam Removal and River Restoration.

17 Nov 2004

Jon Kim, Ph.D.,
Vermont Geological Survey

Nitrate Contamination of Bedrock Wells in East Montpelier, VT.

1 Dec 2004

Dwight DeCoster,
Weatherization Technician,
Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity

Basic Weatherization For The Noninitiated: A Look At Energy Conservation For Low Income Vermonters.

8 Dec 2004

Floyd Nease,
Vermont Legislature




Fall 2003 Current Topics in Environmental Science

date speaker and affiliation title

3 Sep 2003

Marc Roy,
Hazardous Waste Section Chief,
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Hazardous Materials Spills In Vermont.

10 Sep 2003

Jared Willey,
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator,
Smuggler's Notch Resort, Vermont

The Living Machine At Smuggler's Notch (Activated Sludge).

7 Sep 2003

Sy Montgomery,
Author and correspondent for
NPR "Living on Earth"

Journey Of The Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest.

24 Sep 2003

Kim Crosby,
Town Administrator,
Warren, VT

centralized Wastewater Project And River Restoration Within The Town Of Warren. Rescheduled for 10 Dec 03.

1 Oct 2003

Chris Herrick,
Vermont HazMat Response Team

HAZMAT Response In Vermont: Protecting People And The Environment! Canceled

15 Oct 2003

Amanda Repp, Ph.D.,
Health Advances

Advancing Healthcare: Bringing Science to Market.

22 Oct 2003

Eric Miller,
President and Senior Scientist,
Ecosystems Research Group

Assessing Forest Sensitivity To Acid Deposition In The Northeast.

29 Oct 2003

Rich Poirot,
Environmental Analyst (Air Pollution),
VT Department of Environmental Conservation

Air Pollution Transport Issues In Vermont.

5 Nov 2003

Pete Antos-Ketcham,
Field Supervisor,
Green Mountain Club

Backcountry Trail and Land Management.

12 Nov 2003

Tracey Wawrzeniak,
Student Researcher
Glaciological and Arctic Sciences Institute

Arctic Systems Science and the Trend in Global Warming.

19 Nov 2003

Lisa Potter,
Senior Electrical Engineer
Plug Power, Inc.

Fuel Cell Technology.

3 Dec 2003

John Burke, J.D.,
Board Member
Vermont Public Service Board

Environmental Concerns as They Impact Utility Issues.

10 Dec 2003

Kim Crosby,
Town Administrator,
Warren, VT

Decentralized Wastewater Project And River Restoration Within The Town Of Warren.


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