Alumni Profile: Kathleen Francis

Kathleen FrancisKathy Francis knew pursuing her bachelor of science degree with her already-tight schedule wasn’t going to be easy, but, she says, “The External Degree Program’s flexible schedule enabled me to work full time, be a wife, a mother, and a student.”

After obtaining her B.S. in health sciences, Kathy continued to work as an outreach specialist with the Vermont Health Department. By early 1994, however, she was invited to apply for, and subsequently took, a job as a social worker with Child Protective Services. Though a different field than she trained for, social work calls upon Kathy’s knowledge of fields like psychology and family systems that she gained while studying for her B.S.

Overall, Kathy has high praise for her professors and the quality of the education she received through JSC’s EDP — a sentiment, she says, widely shared in her field. “I work with many professionals who have received their degrees from Johnson,” she says, “and there is a high degree of respect for the college and its degrees in this professional community.”