Why Do I Need a Portfolio?

As educators, it is important to utilize as many resources and ideas as you can to create lessons, document your own professional growth and connect with other educators. Technology and the Internet can assist you in this task. 

From 2004 to 2007, the JSC Education Department benefited from a PT3 Grant from the United States Department of Education. This grant allowed for the creation of resources to support your studies.

Take a moment to read the introductory letter from the JSC Education Department, utilize helpful Web site links by clicking on either the graduate or undergraduate pathfinders, or view a portfolio creation manual.

What Are My Portfolio Options?

The e-portfolio is a particularly helpful tool that provides you with an outline of how your final portfolio could be designed to meet the State of Vermont requirements for teacher licensure.  After reviewing the portfolio, download the portfolio creation guide and get started on your own. 

Remember, JSC students currently have the option of completing

either a print or electronic portfolio so be sure to weigh your options and discuss your choice with your advisor early on.

The resources below, along with those provided by individual professors in class and through seminars, will assist you in successfully completing your studies at JSC.