Undergraduate & Graduate Web Pathfinders

The Undergraduate and Graduate Online Resources Guides were compiled by the JSC Education Department with the support of the PT3 Grant Activities. (To view these documents, you will need Adobe Reader, version 5 or higher. Click on the link to download a free copy of Reader.) The guides contain lists of useful Web sites in the field of education and for specific courses.

About Web Pathfinders

These resources are meant to support your study of education at Johnson State College.  Web site resources are arranged by topic, by general interest, and also by required course.  It is important to note that Web resources change frequently. It is also important to know that the resources included here only scratch the surface of what is available. 

The guide provides important resources for dealing with the evaluation of Web sites.  As always, when working online, use good judgment and always be sure the Web site is credible. 

Web Evaluation Resources

The following guide, developed by Kathy Schrock, provides information about the Web site evaluation process.

When evaluating a Web site, ask the following questions:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?

Who:  Who wrote the pages and are they an expert?  Is a biography of the author included?  How can you find out more information about the author?

What:  What does the author say is the purpose of the site?  What else might the author have in mind for the site?  What makes the site easy to use?

When:  When was the site created?  When was the site last updated?

Where:  Where does the information come from?  Where can I look to find out more about the producer/sponsor?

Why:  Why is this information useful to my purpose?  Why should I use this information?  Why is this page better than another?

For other perspectives on Web site evaluation, view this Web page:


Source:  Kathy Schrock (www.kathyschrock.net)

General Interest Education and Evaluation Web Sites

Searching the Internet

University of Nebraska Medical Center:


South Dakota State University:


Discovery School Online:


Evaluating Web Sites

Kathy Schrock’s Five Evaluation Tools:


Kathy Schrock Web Site Evaluation Worksheet:


Discovery Channel Online Activity Guide:


Rubric Creation and Templates





Webquests Examples and Creating Guides






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