Teacher Education Program
in Middle & Secondary Education

About the Program

In partnership with other academic departments at Johnson State College, the JSC Education Department offers teacher endorsements at the middle and secondary levels in these areas: 

English Education
Typical undergraduate majors: B.A. in English or
B.A. in creative writing

Mathematics Education

   Typical undergraduate major: B.A. in mathematics

Social Studies Education
Typical undergraduate majors: B.A. in history or
B.A. in political science

Science Education

   Typical undergraduate majors: B.A. in biology, B.S. in environmental science with natural resources, B.S. in integrated environmental science, B.S. in health sciences

Academic Requirements

Students seeking teacher endorsement in one of these areas must apply to the JSC Education Department for admittance to that teacher education program. See the Office of Educator Licensure for entry requirements, which include a minimum GPA, minimum scores on an academic knowledge exam (such as the SAT, ACT or PRAXIS I), and an interview.

Students accepted into a teacher education program at JSC must successfully complete three sets of academic requirements:

A major in the discipline of their endorsement, including all requirements for the bachelor's degree, including the general education and graduation requirements, with a cumulative 3.0 GPA or better and a 3.0 GPA in the major

Specific content-specific endorsement courses

A prescribed set of education courses

With careful planning, these requirements can be met for most programs within a typical plan of study.


Fieldwork at Partnership Schools

The best way to learn to be a great educator is to gain practical experience under the mentorship of a practicing professional at a JSC partnership school. Students accepted into JSC's teacher education programs undertake the following fieldwork experiences at our partnership schools:

Inquiry projects: Complete 20 hours of observation and participate in teaching various courses

Practicum I (Introductory Methods): Teach lessons in English language arts and mathematics

Practicum II (Advanced Methods): Teach integrated lessons employing inclusive strategies

Student Teaching: Complete a comprehensive, 15-week internship (five days each week) focused on designing and instructing an integrated and inclusive unit of study

Students are expected to complete fieldwork assignments during typical public school hours (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) and to arrange their own transportation to fieldwork sites.

Teacher Education Workshops

Teacher Education students attend five Teacher Education Workshops (EDU-TEW1 through EDU-TEW5) throughout their program. These are one-time meetings held each semester in multiple sections; see the "Course Sequence Plans" in the Teacher Education Handbook for details. Each workshop provides guidance for completing the next set of requirements for the program. Students who do not meet the benchmark requirements may not proceed in the program.