Teachers' Learning Community: Education Speaker Series

The Teachers' Learning Community (TLC) is a support group for all education majors (undergraduate and graduate) looking to interact with their fellow students and to gain valuable experience in community schools.


Here are some of the events that TLC has sponsored in the past:


Spring 2012

Grant Meixel: "Facing and Overcoming Procrastination: Lessons from Literature and Life"

Morna Flaum: "Supercharge Your Learning and Take Control of your Life with Stories, Maps, Images and Imagination"

David Smith: "A Teacher's Journey: Engaging Middle Level Learners"

Eileen McKusick: "Exploring Therapeutic Sound Treatments in the Context of Emerging Paradigms in Wellness, Physics and Cosmology"
Lolly Bliss: "Nature Deficit Disorder"

Deb Nevil: "Johnson State College Students Engaged in Active Democracy: The Power of Advocacy"
Sheila Bannister: "Addressing a Vital Health Need for Vermonters: A New Provider for Dental Care"

Zac Stein: "Mind, Brain and Education"


Fall 2011

Grant Meixel: "Procrastination: Truth or Dare"

Stephanie Decarreau: "Code-Switching in the Kindergarten: A Linguistic Analysis"

Eileen McKusick: "Demonstrating and Defining the Human Energy Field/Biofield"

Nancy Randall: "A Reading Club for Elementary School Boy"

Sara Reed: "Journaling with High School History Student"


Spring 2011

Grant Meixel: "Procrastination"
Camille Campanile: "Exercise and Brain Development During Childhood"

Morna Flaum: "Schema Theory"

Zak Stein: "Effects of Standardized Testing"

Nancy Randall: "Reading Club for Elementary School Boys"

Sara Reed: "Journaling in Secondary English"

Deb Nevil, Senator Doyle, Professor Witte: "Active Democracy: Linking with Legislators"

Leanne Gibson: "Redistricting"


Fall 2010

Grant Meixel: "An Extended Meditation on Procrastination: Implications for Educators"

Morna Flaum: "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Schema"

Marc Gilbertson: "The Use of the Classroom Response System and Other 21st-Century Technology in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom"

Eileen McKusick: "Sacred Geometry in the Educational Context"

Camille Campanile: "Confrontations with the Big Bad Wolf"

Dr. Darlene Witte, Deb Nevil and Sen. William Doyle: "Active Democracy: Educators Linking with Legislators"


Spring 2010

Eileen McKusick: "The 4th State of Matter in the Educational Context: The Physics and Metaphysics of Plasma"

Sarajane Peck and Sarah Stein: "An Original Place-Based K-6 Curriculum Exploring Local Wetlands and Your Community"

Zac Stein: "Mind, Brain and Education, Part II"


Fall 2009

Russell Weis: "The Eco-Sustainable Campus"

Spring 2009

Zachary Stein: "Mind, Brain and Education: Insights from an Emerging Field"

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