Taking a Class at JSC?

Please Read Carefully

All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures of Johnson State College and the Vermont State Colleges System:

Johnson State College Student Handbook

Vermont State Colleges Policies and Procedures

Social Security Numbers

Social Security numbers are highly confidential and legally protected data. The Vermont State Colleges are committed
to protecting the privacy of VSC employees and students, to the proper handling of social security numbers, and to the
overall reduction in the use of social security numbers for business processes. In order to comply with federal law, the
VSC requires all students who are U.S. citizens to provide their Social Security numbers prior to being registered for
classes for the first time, except for those students in contract courses that are paid for by an external entity.


Many instructors use Moodle (linked from the home page of the portal) to post assignments and supplemental course materials, and in the case of online or hybrid courses, regularly accessing the course in Moodle may be a requirement of the course.


Electronic mail is an official means of college communication with all students. Johnson State College provides students
with an email account, free of charge. Students are responsible for all information sent to their college-assigned
email accounts. If students choose to forward their college email to another account, they remain responsible for the
contents of any official message, including attachments.

Web Services

JSC expects that students will use VSC Web Services to access their class schedule, unofficial transcript, and grade
reports. Web Services is located on your main portal page.

JSC Network Access

Within 48 hours of course registration, all students will receive MyJSC, email, and VSC Web Services access. To learn how to access MyJSC, email and Web Services, click here.