Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

This program prepares students for the realities of a career in print journalism. Course requirements center journalism in the liberal arts and provide students with a strong, practical background in feature writing, investigative reporting, creative nonfiction, media technology, and the ethics and history of journalism as a profession. In addition to courses specific to journalism, students will also develop a reporting specialization in a content area of their own choosing, through cross-disciplinary coursework and a capstone reporting internship at an area newspaper or news outlet.

Learning Outcomes for Journalism Majors

The B.A. in journalism will:

  1. Enable students to employ the best journalistic procedures and practices so that they will be able to write in a variety of styles – including hard news, reportage, editorials, features, profiles and reviews.
  2. Acquaint students with current newspaper layout and production techniques and train them to line- and copy-edit for accuracy, clarity, concision, and style.
  3. Enable students to understand and apply basic ethical principles to their work in journalism and to properly understand the role, rights, and responsibilities of a free press in a democratic society.
  4. Enable students to gain entry-level positions and to function successfully in the professional environment of a daily or weekly publication.