Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The B.S. in mathematics provides students with an opportunity to study one of western civilization's oldest and richest disciplines. In addition to the intrinsic value of the study of mathematics as a liberal art, the mathematics degree provides the foundation for a variety of careers in business, scientific, and related fields. Students desiring preparation for a high school teaching career may also earn secondary mathematics teaching licensure.

Learning Outcomes for Mathematics Majors

The mathematics program aims to produce graduates who are knowledgeable and skillful users and communicators of mathematics. More specifically, the degree program seeks to produce graduates who:

  1. Are familiar with many of the common themes in contemporary mathematics;
  2. Can execute the associated algorithmic and logical procedures accurately, recognizing when they are appropriate, while making effective use of technological aids as necessary;
  3. Can explain the main ideas of mathematics clearly, in writing and orally;
  4. Have significant experience applying some of the central concepts of mathematics to extended, non-routine problems;
  5. Have significant experience with the kinds of reasoning that support higher mathematics; and
  6. Have developed the ability to read mathematics independently.