Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology majors explore a wide range of theories concerning human behavior, development, thought, emotion, learning, intelligence, personality, group dynamics and abnormal behavior. Through course work and a variety of fieldwork opportunities, students are encouraged to use what they learn toward understanding themselves and their relationships. A variety of electives are offered to help students explore different job possibilities, such as working with the chronically mentally ill, organizational psychology, addictions, art therapy, forensic psychology, and working with children and families. Psychology provides excellent preparation for many careers, not only in the psychology field, but in any position in which knowledge of human behavior would be useful.

Acceptance of transfer credits for purposes of satisfying major and minor program requirements is subject to the discretion of the department. This includes, but is not limited to, the length of time that has elapsed since the credits were earned.

Learning Outcomes for Psychology Majors

Students majoring in psychology will be provided the opportunity to learn content knowledge basic to understanding the field of psychology, interpersonal communication skills, and the practical application of this knowledge and these skills.