MAT-1070 Mathematics in our Culture

3 credits

Prerequisite: PLM-0003.

In this course students do extensive problem-solving in groups, studying problems from a variety of areas, develop their skills at writing about mathematical ideas and problems and concepts, and research the lives and contributions of famous mathematicians. This is all done in a "user-friendly" environment which emphasizes the development of individual strengths and skills and reduces math anxiety. Topics include: the uses and limitations of inductive and deductive reasoning; different types of number sequences and their uses; the basic concepts of functions and graphing and the use of the TI-83 graphing calculator; and types of symmetry, culminating in a study of mathematical mosaics and regular and semi-regular polyhedra. For students with a documented learning disability in mathematics, MAT-1070 may count as one of the two courses in mathematics required under the Fundamental Skills component of the GECC. (Offered as circumstances warrant.)