Internship placements exist for matriculated students who wish to gain practical experience in a particular field. The internships are individually designed to meet the needs of the students. Each student is assigned a faculty member from JSC and a site supervisor to ensure successful completion of the work experience. The eligibility requirements for participation in an internship are established by the faculty in each academic department. Internships in every major, at both the lower-division and upper-division levels, are available for one through 12 credits; each credit hour represents a minimum of 40 work hours (except for HTM internships which require 150 hours per credit). Internships are graded on a Pass/No Pass basis only. In addition to regular per credit tuition charges, a $45 internship fee will be assessed and charged to the student's account. [Students should make arrangements for their internship and submit the completed internship application in the semester prior to the semester in which the internship begins.]