Veterans' Benefits

Students eligible to receive veterans' education benefits must contact the Registrar's Office and arrange to have their enrollment certified with the Veterans Administration. The amount of monthly checks is determined by full- or part-time enrollment status. In order to receive maximum benefits, students must be enrolled full-time in at least 12 credits during a regular semester. Those enrolled in fewer than 12 credits receive proportionately smaller benefits.

Enrolling in an independent study (research, field work, internship) or in music or health and physical education courses may affect the amount of monthly checks. Students contemplating enrolling in these courses should call the V.A. to determine exactly how benefits will be affected. V.A. regulations exempt some internship experiences from reduction in benefits. Veterans enrolling in an internship should consult the Registrar's Office to determine whether their internships comply with these special regulations.

To be considered for maximum benefit payments, the internship must comply with the following special V.A. criteria in addition to meeting regular Johnson State College requirements:

The student veteran is responsible for seeing that the internship contract form explicitly indicates how each of these criteria is met.