Adjustments to Financial Aid Awards

Financial aid awards may need to be adjusted if a student exits the college during a semester. Federal regulations will be used for the return of Title IV funds for students eligible for federal financial aid. Federal regulations will also be used for the return of institutional aid. Other aid, such as state grants and outside scholarships, will be returned as specified by the grantor. If a student stops attending all classes and does not complete an Exit Notification and Leave of Absence Form at that time, any Title IV funds received by that student may be adjusted or cancelled. The student will then be personally responsible for his/her bill. If Title IV money needs to be returned, it will be returned in the following sequence:

Federal Unsubsidized Loan

Federal Subsidized Loan

Federal Perkins Loan

Federal PLUS Loan

Federal Pell Grant


Employment through the Federal Work Study Program is terminated on the date the student withdraws. Awards from sources other than the College and Title IV funding are adjusted according to the source agency's own policy.

External Degree Program (EDP) follows the same refund policies as noted above. If an EDP student withdraws from a course at another institution, the student will be charged the prorated tuition and fees which the other institution applies.