Athletic and Intramural/Recreation

The Johnson State College Athletic Department mission is to provide comprehensive and competitive varsity programs for skilled student athletes. As an integral part of the Division of Student Life, intercollegiate athletics will be conducted to further the larger college mission. The intercollegiate athletic program will actively support the College's pursuit of academic excellence and strive to provide public service to the citizens of Vermont, the nation, and the world. The intercollegiate athletic program will be administered in a way that contributes to the personal development of all student athletes.

Johnson State College offers varsity intercollegiate athletic programs in men's and women's soccer, cross country running, basketball, tennis, as well as men's lacrosse, men's golf, women's volleyball, and women's softball. Athletics competes under the NCAA Division III membership and is a full member of the North Atlantic Conference. Students interested in competing on the intercollegiate teams must meet the NCAA eligibility standards:

  1. According to the NCAA 14.7.1,,, and in order to be eligible to compete or practice with a varsity team, all student athletes must "be enrolled in at least a minimum full-time program of study, be in good academic standing, and maintain satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate or equivalent degree.
  2. Full-Time Program of Study is defined as maintaining 12 credits per semester. (If a student drops or withdraws from a course mid-semester and this action places her/him below 12 credits, the student is immediately ineligible to practice or compete). All Add/Drop form must be signed by an athletic administrator in addition to the advisor in order to make it official.
  3. Satisfactory Progress is defined as earning 12 credits per semester.
  4. "Good Academic Standing" is defined by Johnson State College as: A student who has 30 or more earned or GPA credits, whichever is higher, and whose cumulative grade point average is 2.00 or above (1.75 for students with fewer than 30 earned or GPA credits, whichever is higher) is considered to be in good academic standing.

    A student athlete who fails to meet all of the eligibility requirements is immediately ineligible to practice or compete. A student athlete will remain ineligible until the following semester, or the semester in which he/she is again declared in Good Academic Standing by this institution.

  5. The only time that a student athlete is allowed to be registered for less than 12 credits is: If the student is in her/his last semester, and a degree audit has been completed by the Registrar's Office determining that the student needs less than 12 credits to graduate.

The Athletic Department prides itself on the manner in which it has developed the College's athletic experience. It has identified three primary goals for student athletes: personal growth, academic achievement, and athletic success. "Student Athletes as Role Models" is an integral part of the JSC Athletic Department philosophy. Athletics provides student athletes with an opportunity to realize their potential as individuals by developing skills in leadership, communication/motivation, and time management by serving as models in the community. Some of the recent programs have been Readers as Role Models, Kids Night Out, Gym Days, Shoot for Goals, and Small Fry Clinics in basketball, soccer, lacrosse, softball, and volleyball.

The recreation facilities and opportunities on campus are extensive. The Student Health and Physical Education (SHAPE) facility and the Minaert Athletic Fields are described below. The mission of the recreation and intramural programs is to provide recreational, intramural, and wellness opportunities for the Johnson State community through a wide variety of intramural activity offerings: spinning classes, water aerobics, Zumba, dodgeball, co-ed basketball, indoor soccer, group hike outings, kayaking the Lamoille River, climbing wall competitions, disc golf tournaments, Fitness Challenge, and various other events. The recreation and intramural programs strive to provide on- and off- campus opportunities that foster physical, social, and emotional wellness. Offerings have been designed to provide equal opportunity for participation regardless of gender, age, race, interests, or motor skill level. For additional sports or activities organized under the Student Government Association (i.e. Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Snowboard/Ski Club, Dance Ensemble, etc.), see the Student Government Association section of this catalog for more information.