Part-Time Faculty*

Alberi, Sawyer. B.S., U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Baird, Sandra. M.A., University of Wisconsin

Baker, William. M.A., Johnson State College

Bandar, Leila. M.F.A., Boston University

Blueter, DeAnne. M.A., Johnson State College

Bond, Bethany. M.F.A., Savannah College of Art & esign

Brighton, Kenneth, Ph.D., Indiana State University

Capps, Joe. B.M., Berklee College of Music

Cashman, Edward. J.D., American University

Chase, Victoria. Ph.D., Columbia University

Cravedi, Stefanie. M.A., Middlebury College

Delongis-Shively, Danielle. M.S.W., Smith College, School for Social Work

Dubuque, Martha. M.A., Johnson State College

Foster-Weston, Colette. B.S., Johnson State College

Francoeur, Noble. M.A., North Adams State College

Kramer, Marjorie. B.F.A., Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture

Langley, Jacqueline. M.S., Columbia University

Leader, Andrew. M.A., University of Vermont

May, Amy. M.F.A., Indiana University

McCarthy, Sally. M.A., Johnson State College

Metcalf, Michael. M.A., University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Modry, Rose. M.A., Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College

Molloy, Barbara. M.F.A., Hunter College

Puleio, Mark. B.A., Prescott College

Rosovsky, Judy. B.S., University of Massachusetts at Boston

Salerno, S. Joseph. M.F.A., Indiana University

Shanley, Richard. M.A. and Certificate of Adv. Graduate Studies, University of Vermont

Spivak, Dawnine. M.Ed., University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Supple, Jennifer. M.S. University of Connecticut

Turkle, Ann. Ph.D., Florida State University

Verderber, Gustav W. M.A., Ohio State University

Weiss, Russ. M.A., Johnson State College

West, Cynthia. M.A., Middlebury College

Winkler, Robert., M.S., State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Zolnoski, Victoria. B.F.A., Johnson State College

(*Partial list, subject to change without notice.)