Bachelor of Arts in History

History is recognized as a field central to the liberal arts tradition. Its study of the variety and diversity of human experience through time is vital to developing an educated perspective on the world today.

A history major is an appropriate and useful one for students planning to enter the fields of teaching, public service, museum work, historical preservation and law, as well as those intending to study at the graduate level.

Learning Outcomes for History Majors

Each graduate will:

  1. Have a general knowledge of the human past and geographical literacy, including events, ideas, and individuals that have shaped the world through time.
  2. Have an understanding of the economic, political, social, cultural, and religious historical forces and the complexity of events that reflect the diversity of human experience.
  3. Have specific regional and temporal knowledge of "Western" and "non-Western" cultures.
  4. Be competent in locating, evaluating, synthesizing, and analyzing historical evidence from primary sources and/or documents.
  5. Be capable of understanding, defending, critiquing, and developing historical interpretations.
  6. Successfully communicate, in oral and written form, his or her findings and interpretations, using proper documentations and scholarly conventions.