Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts

Admission to the program (generally in the sophomore or junior year) must be followed by a minimum of three semesters of studio work before the thesis exhibition. A student is admitted into the program only upon recommendation by the studio arts faculty and approval by the chairperson, following a successful portfolio review. All majors must participate in the monthly BFA critiques held in the Visual Arts Center Gallery. Each candidate for the BFA must present an exhibition and gallery talk during the final year of study. This exhibit is prepared under the guidance and supervision of the art faculty and must demonstrate proficiency in a chosen area of concentration.

Learning Outcomes for Studio Arts Majors

In addition to the outcomes for the B.A. in art, students with a B.F.A. in studio arts should also be able to:

  1. Be familiar with the professional art world, from the perspective of career options, including exhibition venues, graduate school, and grant opportunities.
  2. Assemble a professional portfolio.
  3. Understand the mechanics of setting up a safe and functioning studio.
  4. Know how to do a professional exhibition of their art, write about their art, and speak about their art at a public event.