OER-1165 Coastal Kayak Guide Training

2 credits

Prerequisite: Kayaking experience is required. Recommended: OER-1161 and OER-1162.

The Coastal Kayak Guide Training is an intensive, multi-day program designed to expose students to the skills required to instruct and lead groups in open water kayaking conditions. The training focuses on the development of personal paddling skills, instructional tactics, sea "person"-ship, rescues, leadership and decision making. The course is a blend of dry land presentations and on-water practical sessions; since the goal is to expose students to a variety of sea states, the schedule will be dynamic and the days will be long and more often than not, wet. The majority of on-water sessions will be scenario-driven and taught in the context of skills development tours, where students may function as the instructor/guide. Participants will have ample opportunity for self assessment, instructor assessment, and peer assessment. In addition, students will be required to perform both written and practical skills assessments. The training may occur on inland bodies of water such as Lake Champlain, Vermont and/or on coastal waters. Students may have the opportunity to assess for nationally or internationally recognized paddlesport certifications.