MUS-1XXX Music Fundamentals II

3 credits

Prerequisite: MUS-1030.

This course is offered as a continuation of Music Fundamentals, completing the cycle of music-reading and basic musical skills needed for entering Music Theory I. While Music Fundamentals covers basic note values, rhythms, time signature, key signatures, scales and chords, Music Fundamentals II is an in-depth practicum for developing ear training and sight-reading skills associated with the fundamentals of music training. The course will provide added detail to score-reading, chord-use, and composition as well. As an added skill, students will learn to enter musical compositions and homework on the computer music-writing program, called Sibelius. There will be a listening component to this course, including simple classical and folk music, learning to listen for the basic elements of music, including melody, harmony, and rhythm. Students will be asked to identify each of those elements. Basic keyboard skills will also be introduced in this class.