HUM-3125 Religions of the World

3 credits

Prerequisite: None.

This course offers a comprehensive study that will include introductions and analyses from numerous fields of knowledge. The three western religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, plus animism and polytheism in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific Islands will be covered in the first half of the semester. The other great eastern religions of the Hindus, Buddhists, the great philosophy of the Confucianists, plus the relatively small religions of the Shintos, Taoists, Jainists, Sikhs, etc., will be covered in the second half of the semester. The geography, economics, and politics of the regions, as they relate to each religion, will be covered. Particular attention will be paid to the inequities and the discontent across the centuries and under various dynasties. Meets Part III of the GECC.