HUM-3115 Native American Worldview and Spirituality

3 credits

Prerequisite: None.

This disciplinary integration course will examine the world view of North America's aboriginal peoples from the disciplinary perspectives of comparative theology, anthropology, literature, and material culture (museum) studies. The geographic area covered in the course includes the Subarctic to the Southwest. The Euro-American stereotype of the Native American world view as circles and sweat-lodges denies the wonderful diversity and depth of First Nations philosophy. To see how spirit is woven through every aspect of First Nation material and political life, students will examine stories, decorative arts and ethnohistory. We will also critically examine the component disciplines from a First Nations perspective, including the contentious issues of reburial and repatriation of sacred goods, Euro-American copyrighting of First Nations text, and New Age threats to First Nations spiritual sovereignty. Meets Part III of the GECC.