ENG-2281/2282 Survey of English Literature I, II

3 credits

Prerequisite: None. May be taken in sequence or separately.

These two courses focus on representative works by writers from the British Isles and provide students with an historical perspective from which to study the development of major genres and themes in the English literary tradition. ENG-2281 begins with Beowulf and Old English literature, proceeds through the Middle Ages, focusing on Chaucer, explores representative literature from the Age of Elizabeth, including Shakespeare, and ends with Milton and Paradise Lost. ENG- 2282 begins in the Age of Reason with Swift and Pope, surveys selections from Romantic and Victorian writers such as Wordsworth, Keats, Browning and Arnold, and ends in an exploration of Modernism focusing on such writers as Eliot, Joyce and Woolf. Meets Part II.A.1. of the GECC.