BIO-1050 FYS: Pretty or Nasty The World of Cosmetics

3 credits

Prerequisite: Open to first-year students only.

The popularity of cosmetics has increased significantly during the 20th century in western societies, particularly in the United States. This course will look at cosmetic usage from its beginning 6009 years ago to the current worldwide $18-billion industry. As an introduction to our topics, the class will attend a make-up session offered by a representative from a cosmetic company. We then investigate the role of cosmetics in self-image as a more comprehensive understanding of the influence of a one's social environment (including the media). An introduction to cosmetic chemistry will allow students to evaluate safety and ethical issues. The course concludes with a personal reflection and analysis of cosmetic usage. This is a first-year seminar course and meets the First-Year Seminar requirement of the GECC.