ART-1180 FYS: Art of Social Imagination - Sculpture in a Public Realm

3 credits

Prerequisite: Open to first-year students only.

This introductory studio art course prepares freshman for an understanding of the tools and techniques of sculpture as well as applications of mixed media in a public realm. Starting as far back as ancient Rome, Art of Social Imagination uses art and art history to explain the theory and practice of public sculpture as it relates to community. Students will view "Interventionists" as people who interact with society to produce thoughtful and imaginative results. In class, students will develop proposals and construct projects that interact with academic, local, personal, and/or interpersonal realms. No prior experience is necessary for this course. The emphasis, here, is on an introduction to art history and hands-on learning. This is a first-year seminar course and meets the First-Year Seminar requirement of the GECC.