Formally Declaring a Major

Campus-Based Students

After earning 45 credit hours in a bachelor's degree program, or 12 credit hours in an associate's degree program, all campus-based students must formally declare a major with the Registrar's Office if they have not already done so. Transfer Students: Students transferring in 45 credit hours or more for a bachelor's degree, or 12 credit hours for an associate's degree program, must declare a major within the first semester of their program.

A student may declare any major officially in existence at the time the student declares a major. The Plan of Study outlines the requirements in the student's major and describes how the student intends to meet those requirements.

EDP Students

In the first semester of their program, all EDP students must prepare a Degree Plan with the help of their advisor. Students may write Degree Plans in the following majors: business management, elementary education, professional studies, liberal arts, and psychology. Other JSC programs, including secondary teaching licensure and post-baccalaureate licensure, are available with Degree Plans submitted and approved before the student begins his or her studies. For details on degree requirements, see the sections in this catalog on particular academic departments.

EDP students may not graduate until their Degree Plans have received approval by the appropriate group (EDP co-directors for professional studies and liberal arts majors, departmental faculty approval for all other majors). If a student has not submitted a Degree Plan by the last review meeting of the second semester in the program, the program's co-directors may recommend administrative dismissal for one semester.