Requirements for Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Licensure

Students who already have a bachelor's degree can earn teaching licensure through one of two pathways at JSC:

  1. Students can work through the Graduate Program in Education on campus to become licensed to teach at the elementary, middle, or secondary level – either by completing the master's degree or a somewhat shorter, licensure-only program.
  2. Students who do not have access to the program on campus can earn elementary or secondary licensure through the undergraduate External Degree Program that operates off campus at locations throughout Vermont and online.

In most cases for secondary licensure, however, at least a few courses must be taken on campus at JSC. In all cases, a transcript review by the appropriate JSC department is necessary to ensure that the student's prior coursework in a content area meets the requirements of JSC's program. Students interested in post-baccalaureate licensure should contact the JSC Graduate Office at 802-635-1244 or the External Degree Program Office at 802-635-1290.