Accepting the Offer of Admission

Students who have applied prior to May 1 and have been accepted for the fall semester can reserve a space in the entering class and in the residence halls by submitting a non-refundable $300 deposit by May 1. The deposit for students not living in campus housing is $200. Students applying for the fall semester who are accepted after May 1 should send in the deposit no later than two weeks after receiving notification of acceptance. Students accepted for the spring semester should remit their deposit by December 1, and after December 1 no later than two weeks after receiving notification of acceptance and before registration.

All admission deposits are credited to the student's account for the semester of entrance to the College. Students who defer their admission may choose to pay the deposit in advance to be held on account with the Business Office. If the student fails to enroll within two semesters, the deposit is forfeited.

Students who have paid the deposit will receive information from the Dean of Students and the Offices of Advising, Residential Life, and Student Health to begin the registration and orientation process.